About Us


In 2007, the union of two companies and two completely differents ways of working began. Weiping Chen and Máximo Gutiérrez joined their assets and their complementary mentalities; Chinese and European, to form a strong Spanish wine exporter company.

We started exporting our wine from Rioja region, and now we are working with more than 9 origin denominations of Spain. Specializing more than ever before in red wines, we now expand our product repertoire to French, Italian, Chilean and Argentine. The Company has always been proud of controlling the elaboration process by ourselves, or more specifically by the hands of our oenological team.
Over the years, more and more products such as private-label beers, dairy products, coffee, mineral water, oils, energy drinks, spirits, meat products and fruits were introduced in our range of products.

In addition to produce great wines like FC Barcelona y Real Madrid, Fusión Weymax was the first company to commercialize our very own brand beers in the Chinese market, rising above any multinational beer producer.

Today, our products can be found in more than 35 countries and our offices spreading in 5 continents. We have a wide working team at our disposal, from commercial group, product selectors, administrative, financial to logistics partners. All of these allow us to control the product from its elaboration to the last process of reception by our customers.

In the last financial year, we have achieved a spectacular milestone, in which more than one and a half million bottles of our wine and more than five millions bottles of our beers have been consumed all over the world, without counting all the soda, beverages, meat and fruit products. The thing that make us immensely proud is that we managed to keep all of our customer since the beginning and have been growing up with them side by side, supporting each other.

In Fusión Weymax, we do not only care about the quality of the products, but also the service offered. The key to our success is that we work with people, putting faces and voices to all the people who are behind the entities that we work with, making it possible a competitive, personal and caring workforce.

Although our group of companies is broad, but we are committed to controlling each and every one of the sectors where our business resides. Our goal is to be stronger day after day, constantly looking for efficiency, in order to give our customers, the best possible quality service and product control.

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